Shipping Policy

We get a lot of shipping questions from people anxious to get their vape mail, so here’s a not-so-brief outline of how our order fulfilment works.

Order Fulfilment and Tracking Numbers
We ship packages in the order we receive them. Choosing “Express” or “Standard” shipping doesn’t change your position in the queue, it just changes how quickly Australia Post delivers your parcel.

Orders received before 9am Melbourne time will usually ship out on the same day. Bear in mind that orders placed before 9am on Monday sometimes won’t be shipped until Tuesday – over the weekend we usually receive a lot of orders. Every now and then some orders made between midday Sunday and Monday morning don’t make it into the processing queue until Tuesday. In rare cases, such as during a sale or when we’ve received more orders than usual, it’s also possible that if you place an order very close to 9am (8.45am for instance) during the week, it won’t ship up until the following business day.

Tracking numbers get issued between 4pm and 6pm. At the start of the day we print the invoices of all the orders that are due to be processed, and the fulfilment team carefully picks and packs your goodies and puts the parcels in a huge stack in our mailing bay. Some time between 4pm and 6pm our local Australia Post contractor (his name is Richard, and he’s lovely) arrives in a truck and picks up all the mail and takes it to the Australia Post parcel facility for sorting and distribution. When that happens, we press a button and all the tracking numbers that Australia Post generated get imported back into our shopping cart software, at which point you’ll receive an email confirming that your parcel has been shipped.

The process of applying a tracking number to your order and sending you a notification email is entirely automated. We don’t do it manually, and we don’t have any way to figure out your tracking number before your parcel has shipped, so if you’re wondering what your tracking number is there isn’t much point emailing us about it – all you need to do is wait to receive the automated email.

Please note that Australia Post has suspended its overnight delivery guarantee for Express Post articles. Parcels will still travel considerably faster than parcels sent via regular post.